The birdhouses dispalyed on this page are all custom houses that I have built.  They have been carefully crafed to pull out the various key architectural elements of the original structure.     If you would like to consider having a custom birdhouse created, please use my contact page to start the discussion.    We can use photos you have or often times I can use google earth to get a look at the buidling.    I can generally complete a custom order in 4-6 weeks.     

# 001

Newburyport MA

This beautiful sea captains house is located in Newburyport MA.   This birdhouse is our garden in Roswell GA.  My wife and I rented 2 small room in this house when we first got married.   

# 117

Second Presbyterian Church

Charleston SC

This beautiful church in Charleston was a great one to build.   This custom order was an anniversary gift presented to my customer's wife.  They got married in this church.  

# 106

Victoria Hall - South GA location 

This beautiful South Georgia house was presented as a gift to the owners.  The colors and overall style made for a great arhictectural birdhouse.    

# 083

Seattle Washington 

This beautiful home in Seatlle has been in the family for generations.  This house was purchased by a family for their mother's 90th birthday.      

# 063

Statesboro Colonial - late 1800's

This home in Statesboro GA was built and presented as a Christmas gift.  

# 066

Lake Toxaway - Georgia

Custom Order created for Christmas gift to buyers parents.  Actual paint colors were provided so I could match the exterior color pallette.  

# 066

Highlands NC home

Custom build for a new Highlands NC family home.  

# 103

Sugar Grove Methodist Church

Custom Order created for Christmas gift.   Church dedication was 1890.  

# 086

Dumont Street - New Orleans LA

Custom Order created for family gift.    

# 002

Gloucester MA 

This beautiful cape cod house was a gift to my brother and his wife.  They completed an extensive renovation and this is how their home looked prior to the reno!    


Baker Hill - Northern WV

Custom Order created for Christmas Gift.    


Johns Creek  - Georgia

Custom Order created for Christmas Gift.