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This house was inspired from the Nicholls Crook House in Woodruff SC.  The original house is brick but I decided to do this one in this beautiful colonial blue. 


Colonial Williamsburg color - Chiswell Blue



Width (side to side from front) 23"

Depth (front to back) 11"

Height 23"

#333 Two Story Blue Colonial

  • This birdhouse is handcrafted of pine and rot resistant cedar.  The colors reflect a historical palette of exterior homes.  The paint on the exterior is a latex acrylic.  Each birdhouse is then antiqued using another latex glazing product.  Finally, each birdhouse is sealed with several coats of high quality acrylic designed for years of outdoor use.  No paint on the inside for the birds.


    For maintenance and clean out, each birdhouse has a removable base or roof depending on the design.  

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